Politically Correct


“Politically correct” has become a means to derogatorily accuse others of being too sensitive.

“It’s only words.”

“People need to lighten up.”

“Everyone’s too skin-thinned nowadays.”


However, there are certain words used to describe minorities, women, and marginalized populations that make most of us recoil in disgust or at the very least, cringe uncomfortably in polite company. We need to recognize that it wasn’t that long ago in our society when some of those very words were considered commonplace in the course of typical conversation. And I’m sure that there was a time that if someone would have suggested those words were hurtful, others would have responded by saying “Don’t be so sensitive. It’s only words.”

You and I know differently: Our words matter. (James has a little to say about that in the Bible.) That is why, whatever one believes about political correctness, it has been a necessary means for our society to continually check ourselves and humbly admit that we need to keep growing & learning. Because the reason you detest certain words today is that some person back in the day had the courage to say, “Those words are wrong.”

Even if she was being politically correct.

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