Join Me Online at The Parenting Teen Summit

Parenting Summit Hyun

The Village is blessed to play a part in God’s Kingdom movement in Baltimore and beyond. Because of our work in reconciliation, I am often invited to share our story as I lead and speak in various venues. I wanted to let you know of an opportunity for you to benefit from a special event I am honored to be part of: The Parenting Teens Summit by Axis.

If you’re like me, it can feel daunting as you try to help your children and teens navigate life-shaping conversations about the world around us. We need to know we’re not alone in these efforts. Resources like the Parenting Teens Summit are designed to equip and encourage you in this journey.

The format is creative and unique. This online-only summit starts today with the final session airing on September 30th. I’m honored to join other leaders and speakers I respect such as Paul Tripp, Trillia Newbell, Helen Lee, Craig Gross, Craig Groeschel, and Steven Arterburn among many others. This will be very practical wisdom for parents and really anyone else who leads children.

*In case you’re interested, my video interview will be released on September 23rd. FYI though my session is branded as being about the city, I take a more general approach for multicultural intelligence applicable for anyone.

Axis will be streaming each video free for just three days each during the summit. If you’d like to access any of the videos beyond that time, simply purchase an All-Access Pass for unlimited access to all sessions, as well as bonus material and resources. You will have the opportunity to upgrade to the pass after you opt-in for the free ticket to register using the special link from me here:

Thanks for reading and feel free to pass along to anyone who might benefit. Hope you can join me.

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