Ethnos 2017 // Flourish: The Quest for Human Dignity

Promo 2.png

We invite you to join us for Ethnos 2017 on Saturday, November 11, 2017. The theme for Ethnos 2017 is Flourish: The Quest for Human Dignity.

As our society experiences a troubling fracturing along cultural lines, we observe an accompanying lack of respect for human dignity. We affirm that every image-bearer of God is fully deserving of honor. We believe The Church is to be at the forefront of championing this movement of love and service.

We are honored to have Jenny Yang and George Hopkins speak for us in our main sessions. Worship will be led by Trevor and Melissa Chin.  Many breakouts addressing various practical issues of flourishing from local to global will be led by gifted leaders. We are also excited to have a special showing of the Walking While Black film following the conference. Find out about speakers, breakouts, registration, and other information at

We hope to see you at Ethnos 2017 as we engage together in the hopeful pursuit of God’s justice for all made in His image.

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