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Ethnos 2017 // Flourish: The Quest for Human Dignity

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We invite you to join us for Ethnos 2017 on Saturday, November 11, 2017. The theme for Ethnos 2017 is Flourish: The Quest for Human Dignity.

As our society experiences a troubling fracturing along cultural lines, we observe an accompanying lack of respect for human dignity. We affirm that every image-bearer of God is fully deserving of honor. We believe The Church is to be at the forefront of championing this movement of love and service. Continue reading “Ethnos 2017 // Flourish: The Quest for Human Dignity”

Join Me Online at The Parenting Teen Summit

Parenting Summit Hyun

The Village is blessed to play a part in God’s Kingdom movement in Baltimore and beyond. Because of our work in reconciliation, I am often invited to share our story as I lead and speak in various venues. I wanted to let you know of an opportunity for you to benefit from a special event I am honored to be part of: The Parenting Teens Summit by Axis. Continue reading “Join Me Online at The Parenting Teen Summit”

Broken and Burdened in Baltimore

This article originally appeared at and was written during the uprising in Baltimore in 2015. Though the riots of that time eventually calmed down along with the accompanying national media coverage, we continue to experience the pain in our city to this day. As I pray for Baltimore, these thoughts still resonate with me. 

As a church planter and pastor in Baltimore, my soul is burdened with all of the hurt and pain in my city this week. Though it has been encouraging to know that more people from around the country are praying for my city than ever before, right now I wish the city I love could be famous for different reasons. Continue reading “Broken and Burdened in Baltimore”