The Village Church

The Village Church began in 2008 with dreams of what the church could be in Baltimore. A church that doesn’t have to be boring, irrelevant, or forced. A church where things can look a bit messy at times as broken people learn to be loved by a Savior who delights in creating beauty out of messy things. A church that delights in gathering together for worship but also believes that if church is only about sitting around on a Sunday morning for an hour, it’ll miss a whole lot of opportunities to display Christ’s redemptive work to the world. A church where individuals who differ in color, culture, and class ask hard questions of what it would require to live like a family united in Christ. A church who takes dead seriously that God loves the people of Baltimore and asks what if we did too. A church who believes the Gospel is the hope for the city we love. A church where God is making Himself famous, one story of redemption at a time.